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Wplus_OCV2_Kemper_300_S2(small)With 45 years experience of making maize harvesting machinery, Kemper is one of the leading specialist manufacturers of self propelled headers in the industry. Their row independent technology allows the harvester to approach the crop from any direction. Harvester working widths range from 3 to 9m and use an open cut multi drum design which ensures maximum yield and high speed harvesting even with laid crops or difficult terrain.

Kemper’s self propelled harvester headers are split into two ranges:

  • the 300 series of machines with smaller cutter drums is a low weight design capable of handling a wide range of crops from fine stemmed varieties such as Miscanthus through to hard stemmed maize
  • the 400 series with large diameter cutter drums which can harvest hard stemmed plants at a higher speed.

Kemper continues to be at the forefront of harvester technological development and is looking to the future with ever larger machines. The project 2020 machine capable of cutting 20 rows was a design study aimed at proving that Kemper’s cutter technology is scaleable. This massive machine can be seen in action in this video:


More videos of today’s generation of Kemper self propelled headers in action can be found on the Series 300 page .