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Anker Machinery are UK importers for Olimac Drago maize headers, offering sales, hire and support across the UK.

These reliable, inventive headers have proved to be ideally suited to the UK climate unlike many competitors’ machines, performing well even in difficult harvesting conditions.

The Olimac Drago header is a versatile machine and can be fitted to both combine and forage harvesters, for the harvesting of maize for both grain and forage. The Olimac Drago maize header can also be used to harvest sunflower crops.

The Olimac Drago is fully automatic, requiring no operator intervention. Compatability issues are kept to a minimum as the Drago can be mounted on any type of combine or forager using the appropriate conversion plates. The Drago’s hydraulic folding body allows rapid movement between sites and fields, this action can be performed from the driver’s seat, saving time and promoting efficiency.

The built in stalk shredders spread the chopped plant on the ground, leaving a short stubble and the field surface ready for cultivation. An added advantage is that this also provides a carpet for the combine to travel on, minimizing soil damage and aiding harvesting in damp conditions.

Typical harvesting speeds are 10-12 km/h due to the low volume of crop being taken through the combine. This can be increased for sunflower harvesting.

Machines are available for purchase from 4 to 12 rows wide. With a short delivery time and excellent aftersales support and spares service, we strongly believe that we deserve our reputation as innovative market leaders. As well as supplying the Olimac Drago headers, we offer a supported hire service across the UK.