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Kemper Harvesting Headers

Kemper harvesting headers operate in an open cut mode for speed and dependable performance.  The row independent cutting technology makes it possible to approach the crop from any direction – important when harvesting laid crops.

Kemper 300 series headers use small diameter cutter drums which cope with a wide range of crop types from fine stemmed animal feed crops through to maize.

Kemper 400 series headers use a large diameter cutter drum intended specifically for high speed harvesting.

Kemper Tractor Mounted Choppers

Kemper tractor mounted choppers with  row independent heads are available in working widths of 1.25m, 2.25m and 3m.  Robustly built,  in all models the crop is fed parallel to the chopping blades to deliver optimum chopping quality. Optimum cutting height is determined by the tractor hydraulics, while a stabiliser wheel at the side protects the harvester from contact with the ground.

Models available:

C1200 – 1.2m cut
C2200 – 2.2m cut
C3000 – 3.0m cut