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Full power 4-Row Chopper for Tractors with Reverse Drive Capability

Kemper C3000 ChopperThe Kemper C3000 Chopper has an advanced technical specification which allows the chopper to be adjusted for a wide range of conditions. The result is a chopping quality as good as a self propelled forage harvester.

Optional equipment allows maize, grass or whole crop silage chopping.

Technical data

Type C3000 chopper with flywheel and header

Length 2.80 m
Total width 3.00 m
Height 4.20 m
Height in transport 3.70 m
Working width 3.00 m
Weight approx. 2350 kg
PTO speed 1000 U/min
row distance independant


See the Kemper C3000 in action

This video shows the speed and controllability of the C3000 in action on a reverse drive tractor:

Optional equipment

  • Pick-Up for grass 2m and 3m
  • height adjustable crop lifters
  • rigid crop lifters
  • extra crusher plate
  • kernel cracker
  • 2nd ejection extension
  • hydraulically folding spout
  • metal detector