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The range of timber processing machinery offered by Dutch Dragon is equally suitable for landscaping or biomass use. Machines range from small towed trailer units to self propelled machines complete with a timber grab arm. A high-speed chipping drum allows the Dutch Dragon to chip and eject in a single flowing movement, without the need for extra augers or ejector wheels.

Pockets behind the cutter blades ensure that newly cut chippings are caught and ejected immediately by the rotation of the drum, flowing straight into the collecting vehicle or container.  A flow of air ensures that needles and branches are carried along with the chippings.

Top mounted screens with direct access

A screen mounted above the chipper across the entrance to the chute ensures that any excessively long pieces of wood escaping the drum are caught and fed back into the chipper for a second pass.

The cover over the screen and cutter drum can be opened with hydraulic assistance in a few moments giving immediate access to remove blockages or service the cutters.


Dutch Dragon chippers are available as PTO driven trailer units or for direct chassis mounting on an all-terrain vehicle. The video shows one of the trailer units in operation, including showing how the chutes are folded for transport. The integral grab arm allows fast easy handling of timber including brushwood.

A roller driven feed in table is also available to assist the handling of larger trunks of timber. This has the additional advantage of allowing clods of earth or sand to be broken up and dispersed by the rollers rather than entering the chipper.