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Kemper 475

Kemper 400 series harvesters, formerly the model 4500, use large diameter cutting drums for fast harvesting even under extreme conditions. The large drums also ensure almost lossless feed of the crop into the harvester.

The open cutting mode permits fast operation independent of crop row width and direction, even on laid crops. The fast rotating cutters haveĀ a saw tooth cutting edge capable of operating in heavy cutting conditions including weed cutting and whole-crop silage.

The tungsten carbide tipped blades are fitted in segmented sections allowing partial replacement if necessary.

The 400 series features special cleaner blades which break up sharp maize stubble. protecting the tyres of the harvester and speeding up stubble decomposition.

The crop gathering system ensures an even flow of crop into the cutters producing optimum chop quality and maximum use of engine power.

The outer cutters fold hydraulically to reduce their width for transport.


445 460plus 475
Length: 2.20 m 2.61 m 2.78 m
Total width: 4.60 m 6.00 m 7.55 m
Height: 1.16 m 1.52 m 1.52 m
Height folded up: 1.50 m 2.14 m 3.65 m
Working width: 4.55 m 6 m 7.5 m
Transport width: 2.47 m 3 m 3.3 m
Weight of basic machine approx.: 1795 kg 2820 kg 3300 kg

Optional extras include a row guidance system, liquid cooled clutch and two speed gearbox, and a whole-crop silage kit.